What factors should be paid attention to in the purchase of servo injection molding machine?

Today’s social economy has been in constant development, the use of servo injection molding machine is becoming more and more, servo injection molding machine at this stage of the mainstream product way is to choose servo motor drive oil pump to maintain the relative mechanical action, how much do you know about the purchase of servo injection molding machine? Next, follow Xiaobian to understand clearly.

1. Firstly, the servo control system with high output power and torque should be selected, which will directly affect the load capacity of the high pressure posture. According to the limit characteristics of the commodity detection equipment, for example, select the maximum pressure long-term load, cycle the system several times and then check the servo injection molding machine; At present, the magnetic tile of servo injection molding machine has the difference of M, s, h and sh. SH is the most advanced, and the magnetic flux is larger, so the high torque output has more advantages, and its load capacity is good; To prevent the application of cheaper servo control system, due to the long-term overload of the servo control system, the servo injection molding machine is very easy to demagnetize, and then the driving force of the equipment is reduced.

2. Pay attention to the connection method between the motor and the oil pump, whether to choose reliable shaft coupling and support structure, because the servo injection molding machine will often speed up, slow down, brake system, flip in the operation process, and it will be carried out within dozens of milliseconds, which will affect the axial coaxiality and buffer in the process of the driver, and then affect the motor bearing Service life of oil pump.

3. pay attention to the data that the exhaust volume and speed ratio of the oil pump affect the operation efficiency of the equipment. The larger the exhaust volume of the oil pump is under the same speed ratio, the higher the operating efficiency of the equipment will be. In the selection of the motor with the exhaust volume of the oil pump, the relationship between the maximum flow output regulation and the speed ratio shall be taken into account. On the premise of ensuring the maximum flow output regulation, the proposed speed ratio design is within the effective safety range, In order to ensure the reliability and service life of servo drive system, the low speed ratio design also produces rapid response time, but this will increase the cost of equipment.

In general, with the rapid development of science and technology, servo injection molding machine has become an indispensable commodity, which is more like a choice of the times. I hope these contents will help you. If you want to know more about it, you can log in to our official website.