SM series injection device adopts double cylinder injection technology, with fast injection response, high precision, small inertia and small mechanical back pressure, suitable for forming precision and thin-walled products

Control unit

Brand New Software and Electric Control System

The newly designed hydraulic system on the SU TENG Focus Series, cooperates with a brand new software and electric control technology, realizes fast response, high precision speed and pres­sure control

Electric Elements

World famous brands electric elements, color LCD screen for controller, temperature PID control, Large-capacity mold data storage system, fast response speed, with modernized network management function.

High-Precision Controller

It needs only 0.05 second to achieve the maximum power output and it can shorten the moulding cycle time accordingly.

Hydraulic unit

WorId Renowned Brands Hydraulic Components

Adopt world-famous brands of hydraulic parts, ensure machine’s precision, durability and stability.

Proportional Back Pressure Control

Melt back pressure adopts propor­tional back pressure control, makes the process adjustment range wider and producing status more stable.

Energy-Saving Power System

Adoption of servo motor and internal gear pump power system,realizes the power output mode of ‘Energy outout only depend on the require demand’.It avoids energy waste and the energy-saving ability can reach to 20%-80% comparing with the traditional power output mode for injection molding machine.

Clamping unit

SU TENG Focus Series clamping unit adopts 5 points toggle system,it decreases 33% dictortion comparing normal system,the better rigidity can adapt precise products molding and highly improve mold’s life time.

Volume Quantitative Lubrication Distribution System

It can make sure every lubrication point be fully lubricated, average oil distribution and higher lubrication efficiency.It can greatly improve the working life time of the lubrication parts.

Special Ejector Rod Structure Design

This design makes it very convenient to install counter pull ejector rod,which extremely expands the adaptability of the machine.

Built-in Mechanical Safety Bar

Built-in mechanical safety bar,makes the outfit more harmonious and safer.

Larger Space Between Tie-bars

Enlarged space between tie-bars and bigger opening stroke can achieve the easy installation of multi-cavities mould,and it has better adaptability for the increasing precise mould dimension.

Injection unit

The injection unit of SU TENG Focus Series adopts Doube Cylinder Injection Technology, the fast injection response,high accuracy, small motion inertia, small mechanical back pressure, make it suitable for producing precise and this-wall products.

Double Linear Guide Rail

Adopting double linear guide rail for injection unit,it has lower friction, faster speed,better precision and stability.

Outstanding Seal Element Suppliers

World famous brands oil sealing element, longer wording lifetime.

Double Injection Cylinder

Double injection cylinder,ensures the precision,stable and high speed injection.Standard high quality SKD61 screw tip,check ring and trust ring,38CrMoAl screw and barrel,make the machine has a wonderful plasticization ability and longer working life.

Double Carriage Cylinder

Double carriage cylinder structure,avoids nozzle bias error, ensures the touching surface between nozzle and mould has no leakage.