Unique features of RAINBOW plastic injection machines

We strongly suggest you to take time to finish reading this part. It is very important for you to make right choice of our machines.. We will show you why our IMM machines are unique and different from others Chinese plastic injection molding machines. Now keep “? ” in your brain.

Machine being as a whole body, it is like a huge but simple robot with control system, executive units. For plastic injection molding machine, we divide its working system mainly into four units as injection unit, clamping unit, electric unit, hydraulic unit. If these four units can work in good coordination, then the machine can work well. So there is no doubt, right?

Let us see our injection units.

· Unique injection units

Injection units is movable. It will transport the melted plastic material into the mold. So its movement of mechanical structure will consume a lot of energy, which is partly composed of the main cost. Then how should we do to reduce the cost for customers? To reduce its energy consumption, we adopt new design idea of lightweight on RAINBOW series injection unit. Meanwhile, we optimized its mechanical movement by equipping liner guid rails.

Thus What we will get from this improvement?

1.the moving parts of the injection unit get a faster injection speed because of lightweight and low-friction.
2.It is more easier to control injection position

So are you interested in higher injection speed, more precise injection molding, more power saving? Obviously YES.

A. Dual designed carriage cylinders ensure good balance and get high precise injection.  

B. No welding designed hydraulic circuit for injection unit, easy for maintain & no leaking.  

C. Lightening designed moving parts for injection, easy to get the fast start injection speed, and  meet high speed injection needs.  

D. Dual  linear  guide  rails,  ensure  high precise & reduce friction to  get more power saving.  

E. Full supported injection unit base,  high rigidity and long lifespan.  

F. Double cover for barrel heater, it  will be useful to avoid operators  to be scalded.  

Clamping Unit Advantages

BLAZE‐II series IMM clamping system with wonderful rigidity, under high pressure clamping, the  deformation extremely little, ensure a long lifespan, better quality products & save money; the  stable and high efficient designed toggle system will help our clients to improve their profits. 

A. Widened and longer movable platen guide, highly improved mold open and close precision,  our widened and longer designed movable platen guide will highly helpful to prevent molds’  downward weight to make the movable platen down, useful for stable and precise mold  open and close, and get the long lifespan.  

B. BLAZE‐II series IMM movable platen with a locating ring design, effective to prevent molds  move down, ensure to get higher quality products and extend mold lifespan.  

C. New designed toggle system, much higher rigidity, faster and more stable moving.  

D. Graphite‐copper bushes and slider used on tie‐bars and movable platen guide, much more  saving and ensure the long lifespan.  

E. T‐SLOT platen for fast molds installation, save your mold changing and installation time.  

F. European type ejector, easy for maintenance.  

G. Optimized designed safety bar, maintenance will be much easier and more beautiful. 

Hydraulic Unit Advantages

A. Energy saving: standard with precision and energy saving servo power system, the output  drive system is sensitively altered, according to the actual need of the plastic parts being  produced, avoid energy waste. Depending on the plastic parts being produced and the material  being processed, energy‐saving ability can reach to 20%~80%.     

B. Precision: Precise servo motor with precise internal gear pump, via a sensitive pressure  sensor to feedback and become close‐loop control, injection repeatability precision can reach  to 3‰, highly improved product quality.  

C. High speed: High response hydraulic circuit, high performance servo system, equipped with  famous brand controller, it requires only 0.05sec to reach the maximum power output, cycle  time is substantially shortened, and the efficiency is improved significantly.  

D. Save  water:  Without  overflow  heating  for  servo  system,  equipped  with  Japanese  high  efficiency cooler, much less cooling water required.  

E. Environmental protection: Machine working quietly, low energy consumption; Germany DIN  standard hydraulic pipe fitting with seal, G screw thread style plug, avoid oil pollution.  

F. Stability: Cooperate with European famous brands hydraulic suppliers, precise control force,  speed and direction of hydraulic system; ensure machine’s precision, durability and stability.  

G. Convenient:  Visible  and  dischargeable  oil  tank,  easy  for  hydraulic  circuit  maintenance,  self‐seal suction filter, reasonable placed hydraulic pipe fittings, and maintenance will be easy  and convenient.  

H. Future‐proofing: Modular designed hydraulic system, no matter function upgrade, or retrofit  hydraulic system, our prepared installation position and space will make it so easy.  

Electric Unit Advantages

A. World well‐know brands electric parts.  

B. World famous brands controller, multi‐language available.  

C. Modernized network management function available.  

D. Standard equipped three‐color tower light with alarm, machine working situation is clear.  

E. Water‐proof rubber seal used in electric cabinet, ensure high safety. 

F. Machine program according to CE safety standard. 

Easy maintenance

Easy maintain is very important for machines, start from our design, we considered our clients’  convenience on machine maintenance, we are sure you will be great easy on our machine’s  daily maintenance, it will be helpful to save time and extend machine lifespan. 

A. Removable oil tank.  

B. Heater exchanger  

C. Suction oil filter  

D. Pump and motor sets    

E. Water regulator  

F. Clamping unit hydraulic valve  

G. Injection unit hydraulic valve  

H. Open type hydraulic charging motor


Along with the development of industries, automatic production will be normal in the world; clients’ will have more and more requirements on machines, on LEADWAY BLAZE‐II series injection machine, our design will meet your future needs easily:

A. Reserved the installation places for EUROMAP robot interface and integrated hot runner.  

B. Reserved the installation place for 2sets core pulls.  

C. Reserved the installation place for automatic grease lubrication pump.  

D. Reserved the installation place for hydraulic safety.  

E. Non‐operation side safety gate with robot moving space to save cycle time.  

F. Machine base non‐block design, clients can put conveyor under the machine base, save the  factory space and clients’ production investment.  

G. Reserved installation place for glass tube water regulator.  

H. Reserved dosing unit connection signal. 

User‐friendly designs

A. Rotatable controller box  

Easy for operation, purging plastic material,  Changing nozzle and machine maintenance. 

B. Nozzle purge guard  

Nozzle  purge  guard  adopts  upturning  design, easy for maintenance. 

C. Patent product drop down chute  

Our patent designed drop down chute  adopts up and down movable structure,  to meet different size products needs. 

D. Machine base with hanging ring  

It will be useful for machine hanging  and  fixing  during  transportation,  and  easy take machine out from container. 

E. External electric cabinet and safety  

External design will be easy for function  up‐grade, and protected by water‐proof  rubber seal, ensure safety operation. 

F. Integrated main switch  

Integrated designed main switch, effective  to avoid damage it during transportation  and daily using.