How to choose a more cost-effective injection molding machine?

In our daily life, we are highly dependent on plastic products. Therefore, injection molding machines are widely used in the production of plastic products. At present, there are many types of injection molding machines, such as horizontal injection molding machines, vertical injection molding machines, two-color injection molding machines, etc. the performance of injection molding machines is closely related to the quality of plastic products. How to choose injection molding machines with higher cost performance? Here are some ways to recommend.

1. Appearance of injection molding machine

To select a cost-effective injection molding machine, you can first judge from the appearance, check the manufacturing process of the injection molding machine equipment, whether the surface is smooth, and whether the parts are damaged. If the equipment can not be refined, then the injection molding function is not trustworthy. Put it on the flat ground to see if the injection molding machine is stable. It is safer to choose the injection molding machine that is not easy to be overturned.

2. Production accuracy of injection molding machine

The main purpose of using injection molding machine is to produce injection molded products. Due to the different needs of injection molded products, the specifications of injection molding machine are also different. It is important to select a cost-effective injection molding machine to ensure that the produced injection products meet the requirements of the enterprise. If the accuracy is not accurate enough, the size, quality and shape of the product may not meet the requirements. When purchasing, we must produce a batch of products in advance, so as to ensure the accuracy.

3. Automation of injection molding machine

At present, the injection molding machine that can only be operated manually is gradually replaced by the fully automatic and semi-automatic injection molding machine. Although the price of the injection molding machine with higher degree of automation is higher, it can save a lot of labor cost and time cost for the enterprise, and the production efficiency will be improved.

Injection molding machine parts complicated, complex structure, problems are difficult to repair, in the selection as far as possible to choose after-sales service more timely supplier to buy.