Energy saving servo injection molding machine is the main development trend

Since 2017, our country’s plastic machine industry has been developing at a high speed, and the sales performance is constantly rising. According to incomplete statistics, only in 2017, the growth scale of the whole plastic machine market has reached about 13% on a year-on-year basis. Because people pay more and more attention to precision, and people’s awareness of green environmental protection is more and more strong, the requirements for plastic machine will be very high. Energy saving servo injection molding machine is the main development trend.

1. Advantages of energy saving servo injection molding machine
The advantage is very obvious. Compared with the traditional oil pressure injection molding machine, this new energy-saving injection molding machine has the advantages of environmental protection, energy saving, low noise and so on. In addition, the metering is very accurate, which avoids the oil leakage of conventional equipment. Instead of hydraulic valve, it adopts servo motor, Through this new motor and driver synchronization to drive the control machine to operate, compared with the conventional hydraulic press, the oil consumption will be greatly reduced.

2. Development trend of servo energy saving injection molding machine
Now the industry has entered the era of 4.0, and the injection molding machine is developing in the direction of intelligence, which can meet people’s contemporary needs. Some factories are equipped with special control systems, and at the same time have the function of networking, which can share data and parameters. Of course, the workshop management system can also operate through real-time monitoring, In this way, we can move towards the era of industry 4.0, intelligent manufacturing, and create products that meet the needs of many customers. The whole operation is more humanized and more intelligent.

To sum up, if an enterprise wants to occupy more market share, it needs continuous innovation, not only in terms of technology, but also to meet the needs of customers. It is necessary to seize the needs of the market and develop efficient new products, so that it can go further.