Advantages and disadvantages of electromagnetic heating energy saver and traditional heating method for injection molding machine?

Electromagnetic heating economizer is a kind of equipment which uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to convert electric energy into electromagnetic energy for heating. First of all, the electromagnetic heating economizer converts the alternating current of 220 V and 50 / 60 Hz into direct current, and then converts the direct current into high frequency and high voltage power of 20-40 kHz. Because the equipment is made of high temperature resistant cable, when the high-frequency and high-voltage current with high speed changes passes through the coil, it will produce high-speed alternating magnetic field. When the magnetic line of force in the magnetic field passes through the metal material with magnetic conductivity, it will produce a lot of small eddy current in the metal body, so that the metal material can heat itself with high speed, Finally, the ideal heating effect is achieved. What are the disadvantages of traditional resistance heating and the advantages of high frequency heating products? Let’s follow Xiaobian to understand it!

1、 Disadvantages of traditional resistance heating:

1. High heat loss
The heating method for the existing enterprises is wound by resistance wire. It can not only heat the inner and outer sides of the ring, but also let the heat on the inner surface be transmitted to the material barrel. Therefore, when the heat outside is lost to the air, it will lead to the direct loss and waste of electric energy.

2. Ambient temperature rise
Because most of the heat is lost, the temperature of surrounding environment is increased, especially in summer, it has a great impact on the production environment. Because some of the working temperature on site has exceeded 45 degrees, the enterprise has to adopt air conditioning to reduce the temperature, which causes the secondary waste of energy.

3. Short service life and large maintenance
Because the heating of resistance wire is adopted in the heating tube, if the heating temperature is about 300 ℃, the thermal hysteresis will be relatively large and it will not be easy to accurately control the temperature. The resistance wire is very easy to burn off due to high temperature aging. The service life of the electric heating ring is about half a year, so the maintenance work is relatively large.

2、 Advantages of high frequency heating products:

1. Long life
Electromagnetic heating coil itself has the characteristics of no heat, long life, no maintenance and no replacement cost; Therefore, the ring cable structure is mainly used in the heating part, so the cable itself will not generate heat, and can withstand the high temperature above 500 ℃, especially the service life can be as high as 10 years. At the same time, no maintenance is needed, and there is no maintenance cost in the later period.

2. Safe and reliable
The outer wall of the barrel is heated by high frequency electromagnetic action, and the heat is fully utilized without loss. Moreover, the heat also accumulates in the interior of the heating body, and the temperature on the surface of the electromagnetic coil is higher than the room temperature, so it can be safely touched without high temperature protection, which is safe and reliable.

3. High efficiency and energy saving
The internal heating method is adopted, because the molecules in the heating body can directly induce magnetic energy to generate heat, especially the thermal start-up is very fast, so the average preheating time is more than 60% shorter than that of the resistance coil heating method, and the thermal efficiency is more than 90%. Therefore, on the basis of the same conditions, it can save 30-70% power compared with the resistance coil heating method, Greatly improve the production efficiency.

4. Accurate temperature control
The coil itself has the characteristics of no heating, small thermal retardation and low thermal inertia, so the temperature of the inner and outer wall of the barrel needs to be consistent, and the temperature control is real-time accurate, which can significantly improve the quality of products and high production efficiency.

5. Good insulation
Electromagnetic coil is a kind of customized special cable with high temperature and high pressure resistance. It not only has good insulation performance, but also does not need to make direct contact with the outer wall of the tank, so there will be no leakage, short circuit fault and other problems, which is very safe.

6. Improving the working environment
Through the electromagnetic heating equipment for the transformation of the injection molding machine, and then the internal heat method used in this process, not only the heat is gathered in the interior of the heating body, but also there is almost no external heat dissipation.

Therefore, the surface temperature of the equipment can be improved to the touch of the human body, and the ambient temperature is reduced from above 100 ℃ when the resistance coil is heated to normal temperature, which greatly improves the working environment of the production site, even improves the enthusiasm of the production workers, and reduces the cost of ventilation and cooling in the factory in summer.