TOPTECH MACHINERY (NINGBO) CO.,LTD.  is located in Ningbo, the capital of plastic machinery, and is a professional mechanical equipment manufacturer focusing on “injection molding”. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, design, production, sales and service. Take high-precision energy-saving and environmentally friendly injection molding machine as the leading product.

The company gathers outstanding technical personnel with more than ten years of experience in the injection molding industry, and injects solid strength into the enterprise’s high-tech, high-quality, and high-efficiency development in the field of technological innovation and development. We have developed various special injection molding machine screws for various new materials, and have provided injection molding technology services for many well-known companies.

The “Su Teng” brand SM series injection molding machine produced by TOPTECH MACHINERY is market-oriented, has a reasonable design structure, is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, is equipped with high-precision imported hydraulic components and a high-response servo system, as well as the company’s excellent management system and manufacturing. The technological process and the professional production team control each link from feeding to production and assembly, and the craftsman spirit of excellence can better provide users with more stable and high-precision injection molding equipment.

The company has also established a complete set of pre-sales, sales, and after-sales service systems to provide users with one-stop injection molding solutions based on customer needs. The professional service team provides considerate service after the whole day.

The company adheres to the high-quality quality concept of “focus on diligence and excellence” and the spirit of “think what customers want and do what customers need” to provide many automotive customers, home appliances customers, and other industrial and civilian customers with special injection molding equipment.

Corporate philosophy:

  • Innovation is the soul of enterprise development. Inclusive of all rivers and rivers, the development of an enterprise is a process of continuous innovation and self-transcendence.

  • TOPTECH has always been committed to the persistence of quality, to achieve the ultimate in traditional technology, do what customers want, and make products with different needs of customers.

  • Focusing on doing everything well is the company’s management philosophy and a requirement for every employee. Only by focusing and persevering can the company develop more effectively and employees can make more comprehensive progress.

  • We always integrate the whole process of designing and manufacturing high-quality products with the whole process of creating high-quality sales and services, and at the same time provide customers with fast and first-class after-sales service.


“Making good quality machines to create continuous value for customers” is our enterprise’s mission.

-We will only make good and high quality machines.

-To be leading supplier in China even in the world


Enterprise Culture

People-oriented, Customer-respected, Team working, Responsibility, Innovation


Our staff is our biggest wealth. They come from different area, join us for common goals and work in different position. Each of them is fully respected. Their hard-working is the biggest resources of company’s development. All achievement of company belongs to each staff.


What we do is finally meet customers’ demand. So satisfaction from customers are recognition of our jobs. We cherish every moment with customers. We view customers as our lifelong partners.. Our achievement is also because of customers’ choice and trust. So we respect our customers and will listen to their advices.

Team working

Smooth-running machine is as a result of coordination of clamping unit, injection unit, hydraulic system, electric system. But an qualified machine is inseparable from team working. Each position and each staff is a key link in the production lines. So team working spirit is necessary and important to our company.


We are responsible supplier. From company level, we are responsible for machines’ quality. We keep our words to our customers. Inside of company, we require our staff to take up their own position with responsibility which is basic merit of accomplishment.


In a year, we have hundred improvements on machines as well as working procedures. In a year, we have dozen patents approved or under applying. From design to manufacture and to delivery, from tech team to workers and to aftersales, each one is ready to listen and take advice for common goal to make better machines. Innovation keeps us always young and positive,vigorous.

Leading Technology

SU TENG was an OEM team for EUROPEAM machines ; years of OEM experience made SU TENG controlled the core technology on high quality, high safety machine manufacturing, thus made our advantage on leading technology.

Experienced & Efficient Team

From OEM to independent brand business, TOPTECH deeply realized the importance of the team fora brand; the SU TENG team is composed of experienced staff, whose average experience more than 15 years in this filed; and all of departments keep timely and friendly conmmunication for customers suggestions, discuss the improvement of design and installation.

Accurate & Reliable Machinery

We control the quality not only check each single piece of spare part, but also simulate machine’s actual working to check each spare part’s fit precision during our installation,ensure our machines’ best precision; thanks to the cooperation with the TUV Rheinland, ensure our machines’ reliability.

Developmental lnnovation & Research

With the increasing demands of plastic quality and quantity, injection molding factories required machines higher and higher, SU TENG keeps the developmental innovation and research on predsion, efficfency safety and special material injection molding.

World-wide 7 x 24 Service

Since found our independent brand, SU TENG established more than 20 international service network, we not only have the service network in Asia, South America, Africa, but also have the sales and service center in Europe, ensure the fastsest local service for our customers.

Affordable Price

SU TENG always insist to provide customers high quality equipment under the reasonable price, we have no intention to pursue unhealthy price competition to win the market, to ensure the comprehensive service for customers.

Your Solution & Custom-made Partner

With the constant development of economy and society, customers demand more and more special and individual service; SU TENG provide the “CUSTOM-MADE” service to help customers to be successful on high efficency, high precision and cost saving, to reduce the investment risks.